We're championing the future of work for our workers.

For our future workers. And the future of work.

This is for our youth today. Who keep pushing limits. Who adapt to change to stay ahead. Who keep dreaming the Singapore dream. We’ve heard you. We understand your needs. And we’re here to champion a better future for you. Watch this space to find out more.

What youths find important in starting their career journey:

Changing times. Changing lives.

COVID-19 has changed more than how we look at health. It’s also changed how we work. And at NTUC, we want to refresh our agreement with the workers of Singapore. To understand what really matters today. To know the challenges our workers face. To hear their expectations of the future. So that together, we champion a future that works for every workers. Because every worker matters.

Tell us what makes a positive start to your work experience.

Rank the top aspects that you feel would help.

  • Proper onboarding process
    • Proper supervision and mentorship
      • Clarity on roles and expectations
        • Meaningfulness of work assigned:
          • - Relevant roles related to course of study; if applicable
          • - Have learning aspects; not monotonous roles
          • - Hands-on work to help create deeper purpose and memory

        Every worker matters, so here are their stories.

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        Photos for our people, our workers.

        Photo gallery from our engagements on the ground.

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