Welcome to a future that cares for you while you care for those you love.

Juggling work and caregiving is no easy task. Especially in today’s world. As a caregiver, it’s tough to be in two places at once. And we understand the pressures you face. Which is why we want to help you with better solutions that enable you to enjoy better peace of mind. For you and your loved ones.

Sarah Lim Chow Yeh

Caregiving takes its toll on work.


take time off during work


take no pay leave


take leave frequently

And we heard your suggestions.


And we are making them a reality.

By working with the Government and companies to make life easier for caregivers like you.


Sarah Lim Chow Yeh

Flexible Work Arrangements

Enhancing work flexibility with employers. Engaging employers to state FWA offered.


Paid caregiving leave

To support your caregiving responsibilities.


Unpaid leave support

For employees who have unexpected care needs.


Employee support schemes

For workers to care for their elderly family members.


Accessibility and affordability of eldercare

To mitigate the financial burden on workers.


Because we are here to champion the future
of work that works for caregivers like you.

And we need you to be a part of this journey too. Simply drag the recommendations you like the most to the top.

Thank you for your response.
Your voice matters to us.


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