Our Workers’ Compact
Taking Action For You, With You

Some call it a compact. Some an agreement.
We call it a promise to all our workers.
To create a future of work that’s better.

Since 1961, even before Singapore became a nation, NTUC has championed workers’ rights. Always rallying the workforce to ensure that our nation not only survives but thrives. Through struggles and challenges, in the past and in the future, we remain committed to guiding all workers through the uncertainties in life. By being every worker’s friend. By being every worker’s mentor. By being every worker’s champion.

Today, with our renewed Workers’ Compact, we want to continue championing our workers’ rights to make the future of work better for them.



Supporting youths in their vision of success.



Helping mid-career workers keep pace with technology.



Enabling caregivers to balance work and family.


Older Workers

Making opportunities and retirement accessible for older workers.



Empowering vulnerable workers to move ahead with Singapore.

We will continue to champion workers' interests and stay true to our mission – to protect your wages, welfare and work prospects.
Because #EveryWorkerMatters


The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) is a national confederation of trade unions as well as a network of professional associations and partners across all sectors in Singapore.

NTUC’s objectives are to help Singapore stay competitive and workers remain employable for life; to enhance the social status and well-being of our members and working people; and to build a strong, responsible and caring labour movement. NTUC’s vision is to be an inclusive labour movement for all collars, ages and nationalities. NTUC is at the heart of the Labour Movement, which comprises 58 affiliated unions, seven affiliated associations, 12 social enterprises, six related organisations as well as a growing ecosystem of U Associates and enterprise partners.

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